The Midlands Animal Rights Network (“MARN”) is an independent organisation peacefully campaigning for animals suffering as part of enterprises.

No content contained within any of our publications or websites is intended to encourage or incite illegal actions in any form.

We are a traditional protest organisation, highlighting the use of animals in research through legitimate means of protest and relaying information in the public arena in order to raise awareness of the anti-vivisection cause. MARN does not condone behaviour which may be harassing, intimidatory or otherwise illegal.

We are not affiliated with any other organisations contrary to our aims and principles and exist solely for the purpose of promoting the animal rights cause. MARN holds a broad range of supporters and is not in line with any beliefs, organisations or parties throughout the political spectrum.

Equal Opportunities Policy
MARN holds an Equal Opportunities Policy, meaning that there should be no discrimination against or harassment of any member either directly or indirectly based on the grounds of:

– Race, colour nationality or national or ethnic origin (“race”);
– Sex or marital status;
– Disability (e.g. a long term mental or physical imparement;
– Sex change statuses;
– Sexual orientation;
– Religion or philosophical belief;
– Political belief or
– Age

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