Jill’s Day – Gilders Demo


Meet 12noon – Edward Gilder & Co, Fosseway, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, GL54 2EY

Many thousands of calves are exported out of Britain to Europe each year, all of which are destined for the veal trade.

Loaded by the hundreds into transporters, they face many days crammed into the back of filthy lorries, never to experience freedom again. Transporters are loaded onto ships, often in stormy weather, and these animals face a rough journey of slamming into each other. Stuck in squallor and faeces, many of these calves will die in the process.

Once on the continent, they face incarceration in veal crates for many months, starved of vital nutrients, chained in isolation and unable to turn around.

Edward Gilder has, for many years, been a key player in this vile trade. His haulage company transport many thousands of animals out of Kent’s sea ports to a life of misery and pain.

Will you be the one to help save these calves?


Jill Phipps was a dedicated and compassionate activist, who was heavily involved in the campaign against live exports through Coventry Airport. One fateful day, she blocked the lorries’ paths but they refused to stop and she was crushed to death in the midst of a protest.

On the 4th February we will remember Jill on the anniversary of her death for giving the ultimate sacrifice for these calves. We call Edward Gilder & Co to end their involvement in this archaic trade.

Join us and stand strong against live exports on Saturday 4th February!

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