Foie Gras Flying in The Midlands – for Good!

20 12 2011

Across the Midlands foie gras has been flying off the menus permanently as restaurateurs, retailers and delicatessens learn about the cruelty involved in the production of this delicacy.

Following on from this morning’s statement from the Royal Oak at Eydon, Northamptonshire, a further four businesses have contacted us to confirm that they will not be selling or serving the dish any more.

This truely is a great kick off to progress and ridding our region of foie gras.

Brandon Hall Hotel – Coventry:
“Thank you for sharing your concerns with us, and we will ensure foie gras is not featured on any of our menus going forward.”

Launays Restaurant – Mansfield:
“we will absolutely be removing it from our menus and updating our packages accordingly”

French Living – Nottingham:
“…as a result of your campaign we [have] stopped”

Winster Foods – Chesterfield:
“[A]s a company we decided…to remove foie gras from our product list from January 2012”



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