Foie Gras Off the Menu at The Talbot

23 12 2011

The Talbot Hotel in Oundle, Northamptonshire, have previously sold foie gras on their menus.

However, MARN contacted the owner regarding the animal suffering involved in the delicacy’s production and received a promising response. We have been provided with assurance in the form of a statement that foie gras would not be served in the future.

Our thanks goes to the Talbot Hotel for their swift assistance in removing foie gras from the menu.

Foie Gras Flying in The Midlands – for Good!

20 12 2011

Across the Midlands foie gras has been flying off the menus permanently as restaurateurs, retailers and delicatessens learn about the cruelty involved in the production of this delicacy.

Following on from this morning’s statement from the Royal Oak at Eydon, Northamptonshire, a further four businesses have contacted us to confirm that they will not be selling or serving the dish any more.

This truely is a great kick off to progress and ridding our region of foie gras.

Brandon Hall Hotel – Coventry:
“Thank you for sharing your concerns with us, and we will ensure foie gras is not featured on any of our menus going forward.”

Launays Restaurant – Mansfield:
“we will absolutely be removing it from our menus and updating our packages accordingly”

French Living – Nottingham:
“…as a result of your campaign we [have] stopped”

Winster Foods – Chesterfield:
“[A]s a company we decided…to remove foie gras from our product list from January 2012”

The Royal Oak Remove Foie Gras

20 12 2011

Northamptonshire’s The Royal Oak at Eydon have been contacted by MARN regarding their listing of foie gras on the menu.

This delicacy is produced through the force feeding of ducks and geese until their livers become diseased and inflamed.

We are pleased to announce that the restaurant’s owner has clarified the matter through the withdrawal of foie gras from the menu:

“With regard to the Foie Gras our supplier assured us that the product was produced under much more humane methods than has traditionally been used & that the welfare of the birds is paramount to the owners of the farms.

Saying that I do, personally, have some issues with the production of Foie Gras & we now changed our menu & no longer have this dish. I would like to point out that whilst the dish was on the menu it was our most popular choice!


John Crossan


630 Birds Liberated from East Midlands Farms

12 11 2011

From Indymedia UK:

Claims have been made that hundreds of birds have been freed from farms across the East Midlands.

According to an anonymous communique, five hundreds hens were taken from battery egg farms in Lincolnshire. A further one-hundred-and-thirty turkeys were removed from a farm in Norfolk where they were being reared for seasonal slaughter.

The liberation was claimed in memory of the late Barry Horne, an animal rights activist who died in a prison hunger strike in protest at the government’s policies on vivisection.